Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

1. DroneTrack.org sends GPS coordinates, direction, attitude and TimeStamp of your device to the DroneTrack.org service. No other identifiable information is transmitted.

2. DroneTrack.org reserves the right to share your GPS flightplan with other users to warn them of flightpath collision, to create community maps and charts.


Terms of Use

1. You use the DroneTrack.org service and apps entirely at your own risk.

2. The DroneTrack.org service is free of charge.

3. The DroneTrack.org app will transmit small amounts of data over the GSM or WIFI network. This may incur a standard data rate from your service provider. It is recommended to check airtime balances before flying as DroneTrack.org can not be held responsible for improper use of the service, signal loss, or service provider problems.

4. The DroneTrack app and site are as accurate as your device allows. Actual coordinates may be a few meters from the recorded location.