Track your drone and receive NOTAMs in just a few steps

Unused mobile phones are perfect for tracking drones and UAVs.
You can also place the tracker in an inexpensive ziploc bag to create an independently powered, waterproof tracking unit. Larger Ziploc bags can even help drones or trackers float in case of accidental water impact.

1. register a DroneID to reserve it for your drone
Note that the DroneID is case SenSiTive. BobsDrone is not the same ID as bobsdrone.

2. Setup a mobile phone to attach to your drone:
Enable Internet access, ensure your tracker has signal where you are flying.
Check your internet connection, airtime.
Optional: Disable WIFI - check if your device handles passing from WIFI to Mobile gracefully by switching off WIFI while browsing.
Enable GPS
Disable ScreenSaver
Disable Auto Screen Rotation. On some devices auto screen rotation can disable GPS tracking.
Mount the tracker away from receivers and sensitive electronics.

3. Activate the device for DroneTrack
by opening the tracker page on the device, or installing one of the apps.
Note that on the HTML5 web version you need to click Activate. (this is a requirement for location-sharing in a browser)
The app versions activate automatically.
Enter your DRONEID on the device.

4. Track the drone online
Open the Map on your PC, Tablet, or Mobile browser
Enter the DroneID.
The last 20-50 track points are displayed on the map, including your current position.

Drone Telemetry Point
Home location (note that on non-gps devices like pc desktops this may be far from the actual location)

Enable/Disable auto refresh. Enabled by default. Updates the map every few seconds.
Activate/Deactivate Drone Alarm. This plays an alarm sound on the drone in a few seconds.
Satellite View. 45Degrees where available.
Terrain View. Shows shaded elevation and streets.
Weather. Zooms out to show a one hour forecast, including cloud coverage and temperature.
View data. Shows the raw telemetry data (complete record)
Delete data. Deletes all the telemetry data for a fresh start.

On the top row is basic Telemetry data, including distance to home, and bearing. A small arrow shows the home direction.


Will it work on my device?
DroneTrack will work on devices that support one of HTML5, JavaScript, Android ARM6, Android ARM7 or later Smartphones, and (untested) Blackberry devices. Developers are welcome to contribute more formats, the app is minimal.
Choose a lightweight device you don't mind losing in a crash, like an old mobile. Don't use your latest Galaxy or iPhone!

How long is the tracking data stored?
Until you click Clear Data on the Map. After that all tracking data is permanently deleted.

Is DroneTrack.org anonymous?
The site and system itself aims to be anonymous and not store any personal information other than GPS data (which is why you have to choose your own code and not register). Of course any information available to your service provider still applies. Note that DroneTrack will use your flightpath to warn other members to keep an eye out for you, or even nearby airports. We think that is a good thing.

The map is not working
Please press Ctrl+F5 to refresh the html files. Sometimes they get cached with an older version.

Why not use another service like abc or xyz?

There are alternatives to DroneTrack, but they generally use only GPS/SMS and a private GSM network.
DroneTrack's mobile solution will switch between networks and tracking systems automatically for maximum recovery, plus you get the added benefit of audio alarms and a big giant LED.
Even if your drone crashes you will still have the tracking information up to that point saved online, so you can predict where your drone has landed.

Other systems are not anonymous, they usually charge membership, sell devices that don't survive crashes, and generally trick you into thinking the GPS data they provide is accurate, where they usually only provide GSM tower triangulation, only accurate to 1km. That's a big area to search for an RC plane. DroneTrack uses all the abilities of your mobile to track its position in realtime.
Most tracking devices require you to call it to receive a single GPS point. By this time the device may be destroyed or under water.
Should you crash while using DroneTrack and your mobile becomes inoperable your existing flightpath up to that point is still available online, so you can pinpoint your missing craft.
DroneTrack warns you if other craft are in your area or if you are flying near a restricted airspace like an airport or government building. It is a virtual air-traffic controller.