Youtube channels, online resources for RC pilots


Youtube Channels

Crash Test Dummies Info for DroneTrack users
FliteTest RC Reviews, Build videos, technical info
Team Black Sheep Awe-inspiring FPV videos
RCSuperPowers Experimental RC, reviews
Roswel Flight Test Crew Multirotor reviews, tech updates, and Search and Rescue applications. Hosted by Techinstein and Lucidity.
AliShanMao RC Plane and Multirotor reviews, technical info, sales. Lots of fun flights and FPV setups.
RCModelReviews Reviews, in depth technical info, and rants! From the guy who brought you "Build a cruise missile for under $5000."
RCTestFlight Experimental RC, Reviews, lots of great info from the very knowledgable host
MyGeekShow Build and fly RC Planes, Quads, and sales. We journey with Trent and Nick as they start from zero to RC hero
DJI Innovations Home of all things DJI

DroneTrack Resources

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Drone Usage Maps and Charts
DroneTrack Facebook Page

R/C Resources for parts, kits, radios and receivers.

Tower Hobbies
Lumenier FPV Multirotor Gear
JDrones Drone Resources, APM, PixHawk, Long-Range Telemetry
Team-BackSheep FPV Flying planes and MultiRotors. Awesome inspiring FPV videos.
Dragon Labs FPV Electronics/Radio/Telemetry
FPVLab Forum for FPV pilots

South Africa
RC Edge Radios, Receivers, Planes, and parts
Drone Zone Drone sales and parts
Revo Hobbies Planes, Plane Accessories, Linkages, control horns
Copter Shop APM and DJI Autopilots, RC Equipment
Battery Experts All kinds of rechargeable batteries available online
SkyDeals Custom made RC and FPV parts