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About Drone Tracker
Drone Tracker is a Virtual Air-Traffic Controller that generates realtime NOTAM and mapping to track your drone online. DroneTrack assists recovery and online monitoring.
Install one mobile/cellphone on your craft, and monitor it online or on another mobile.
Our aim is to prevent flyaways, recover lost craft, to provide a global common airspace for UAVs, and to connect drones to the internet to add many useful features. DroneTracker not only tracks your drone, but alerts you when other drones or craft are flying in your airspace.
DroneTracker can also alert you should your drone wander into a restricted airspace or into a known flight path.
Registered members can allocate airspace to inform and share flying experiences.

Why get a DroneID?
A DroneID assists in tracking and recovering lost drones and RC craft. Get information on Global Shared Airspace, avoid collisions and get notified when entering restricted airspace unintentionally. (NOTAM) DroneTrack assists the public in helping recover your investment. Should your craft fly into a manned craft's path DroneTrack may notify the nearest ATC automatically.
DroneTrack uses your mobile device's GPS, GSM, and WIFI information to locate your craft, even indoors.
DroneTrack is anonymous. It exists to promote the safe enjoyment of flight.

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